The Idea

Interactive music and drum events as show acts, team workshops or active conference breaks

Nowadays, few people are aware of the fact that the drum is the world’s oldest instrument of communication. For thousands of years, cultures from all across the globe have paid tribute to the special significance of this instrument, using it for a variety of pertinent cultural and social applications. Even today, at special events and celebrations, drums continue to bring people together, promoting team spirit and co-operation.

Drum Conversation picks up on many of these old traditions, using them to create a stirring interactive drum show that makes for perfect entertainment at gala functions and business events while at the same time utilising the emotional response as a highly effective motivational instrument. The initial scepticism often encountered is in fact an important part of our unique concept, increasing the participants’ sense of achievement and surprise when everything comes off “according to plan”. Tailored to meet the specific objectives of your event, we guarantee the successful realisation of our jointly elaborated concept while providing you, your employees, clients or partners with an unforgettable percussion event.

Planning and performing more than 100 drum events every year, Drum Conversation guarantees you the highest degrees of quality and expertise. Our vast experience is the key to the success of our concept.

Years of professional
Planning and performance
from one and the same provider

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Drum Events and Music Shows
15 to 45 min.


Drum Workshops and Teamevents
30 to 120 min.


Fringe Programs and Kick-Offs
15 to 45 min.


Short and impulsive performances
15 to 45 min.