Our combination of theory and practice

Keynotes, short shows and impulsive performances (15 to 45 min.)

Digitalisation, smart technologies, disruptive change processes, Work 4.0: The changes taking place in today’s societies and economies are coming thick and fast. Businesses in particular are faced with enormous challenges as regards employee motivation, team spirit and the readiness and commitment to remain or become competitive and forward-looking.

The essence of our vast experience is summarised in our performance.

We have experienced a thousand times how the magic of music touches people and brings them together.

We have learned how important it is to have a fully functioning team and successful executive leadership.

We have understood the importance of effective communication.

We have gained a great deal of practical experience in the following areas:

  • Facing challenges and seizing opportunities at multinational and multicultural corporations and their individual departments and business units
  • Promoting intercultural communication and competence
  • Highlighting the importance of successful employee motivation and leadership in times of change
  • How does one portray the principles and parallels of successful collaboration through the medium of music?

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