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Drum Conversation was founded on 15th May 2004 – initially, with a simple handshake. In other words, we have been in the music business for 17 years!

We are of course immensely pleased to have been so successful all this time. We look back on our 17 years with humility, some surprise and great deal of pride. This time, despite having passed so quickly, has been exciting, interesting, diverse, inspiring and very, very positive.

When we look back at our list of references, we realise one thing: Behind every event, there lay hidden countless discussions, conceptual approaches, creative exchanges and, more than anything, many, many wonderful people – on the stage, behind it and, of course, in front of it.

We have received a great deal of positive feedback over the years, much of which we remember very fondly.

Now, we find ourselves looking to the future with much eagerness and anticipation.