Interactive Drum Events and Music Shows

­Our show concept for your evening function, gala or Christmas party, dinner or sporting event (15 to 45 min.)

Are you looking for a show concept for your evening programme that is not only great fun but also promotes team spirit and co-operation? DRUM CONVERSATION offers its clients an approximately 45-minute interactive drum show that enables your audience to experience the idea of successful teambuilding, camaraderie and communication. Time well spent, we say, as the effects of this unusual activity are truly long-lasting. Your audience will be swept away by the powerful rhythms and beats as well as the memorable songs, which you’ll find yourself humming or whistling on your way home…

Drumming Event beim Dinner mit DRUM CONVERSATION
Trommelevents mit DRUM CONVERSATION

Interactive entertainment with a world-class stage presence

With the positive spirit, musical expression and infectious laughter of our artists, we have captivated the hearts of more than half a million people all around the globe.

Many thanks to you and your colleagues, you presented us with a truly wonderful evening!

Drum Conversation live on TV

With 800 drums!

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We were all very impressed, Uwe Grohn and Ismael Seck were very entertaining. Everyone had a fantastic time. We’ll be sure to recommend you at the next opportunity.

Trommelshows mit DRUM CONVERSATION
Interaktive Drum Events mit DRUM CONVERSATION
Drumming Events beim Dinner mit DRUM CONVERSATION

A brief description

Ideally, DRUM CONVERSATION’s show programme should be a surprise for your guests. The instruments are brought to the event venue in special carts and then quickly distributed. Generally, the Drum Conversation team performs this task; on some occasions, it may be necessary to avail ourselves of the assistance of the respective on-site service team. Either way, the show is ready to start as s­oon as each participant has received his or her instrument.

Numerous companies have already experienced the vivacity, the rhythmic vibrations, the artistic expression and the infectious merriment of DRUM CONVERSATION’s show programmes. The entertainment talent of the Drum Conversation artits is quality that cannot be bottled, only experienced. Optimum support of your event is guaranteed!

Variations of and additions to our traditional drum events

We offer two additional options for large-scale events, sporting events and all those functions where it is not possible to distribute our drums for logistical or other reasons.

Interactive body-percussion performance
5 to 15 min.

Here, event participants are engaged through rhythmic clapping, finger-snapping and singing.

Interactive percussion performance
5 to 15 min.

With this option, we distribute small-scale rhythm instruments like thundersticks, boomwhackers and shakers amongst the audience. This variation is particularly suitable for stadium events and similar types of large-scale functions.

Drums as give-aways

Our drums may also be purchased as special give-aways, to be presented to participants at the conclusion of your event. Individual inscription of the drums is also possible, ensuring that your event remains truly unforgettable.

Drumming Events beim Dinner mit DRUM CONVERSATION


Do you have any questions regarding location, technical equipment, logistics or transport? We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that will hopefully provide you with all the answers you are looking for.

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We look forward to discussing your plans with you and developing a personalised concept. Once we have covered all the bases, we’ll submit to you an individually tailored quotation.

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