Here, you’ll find a list of frequently asked questions, and their answers:

Does really everyone take part and isn’t it very chaotic?

That’s the first question everyone asks! But even after over 2,000 drum events, realised with a team of true professionals, we don’t mind a bit of initial scepticism. In fact, this is part of our­ concept. It helps to increase the feeling of success and jubilation of all participants when the event comes off as planned. For further details on our planning and performance, our event variations and how to successfully integrate DRUM CONVERSATION into your event, simply visit our website subsection entitled IDEA.

What are the technical requirements and how large does the stage have to be?

Technical requirements and stage size obviously depend on the size of the event and the number of persons taking part. We are happy to answer any ­and all questions personally. Just give us a call. Either way, we will make sure that your event receives optimum support and best-possible sound.

How are the drums transported and who distributes them at the event?

We have transported over 10,000 drums around the world by truck, boat and plane. Having arrived at their destination, the instruments are taken to the event venue in special carts, where they are then distributed quickly and easily. Pending on the type of event and the number of participants, it may be advisable to place the drums on the participants’ chairs prior to the start of the event. Experience has shown that, at gala functions, the on-site service staff is able to distribute the drums while our team starts event proceedings, attracting the attention of all participants as they receive their drums.

Where are Drum Conversation events generally held?

Drum Conversation events are held all over the world. We will bring all required musical equipment directly to the event venue, regardless of its location. Here in Frankfurt am Main, we dispose over a number of very suitable seminar rooms, readily available for event hire. We are happy to provide you with an individual quotation.

Do you use only drums or other instruments as well?

The drum is not only the world’s oldest instrument of communication, it has also served for thousands of years as a method of bringing people together and helping them to share in a communal experience. We like drums because they are unbeatable in their diversity. There are diverse impact techniques and hundreds of different rhythms, which may be applied polyphonically and as effectively required. For large-scale functions and sporting events, or when logistical issues arise, we have the option of falling back on a number of alternatives (e.g. boomwhackers etc.). Together, we’ll develop a suitable concept for your event. And don’t worry, we definitely like a challenge!